Re: [xslt] Fwd: axkit output differs from xsltproc output

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 05:45:18PM -0500, S Woodside wrote:
> Hi daniel I don't if maybe I have found (another ;o) bug... (no 
> response from the axkit list :-(
> simon
> Begin forwarded message:
> > From: Simon Woodside <>
> > Date: Tue Mar 25, 2003  9:29:52  PM America/Montreal
> > Subject: axkit output differs from xsltproc output
> >
> > Hi, I have designed my xslt using xsltproc to create a 4-stage 
> > pipeline of xslt. now when I run it through AxKit I get a different 
> > result, at the last pipeline stage.
> >
> >
> >
> > has the trace of the output, and the relevant section of the log file. 
> > In addition here is my .htaccess, and the desired output in this 
> > email, in other words, what the *3 file /should/ be in the axtrace.
> >
> > I think it might be a namespace problem, though? BTW this is part of 
> > my RNG->forms project, making some headway.

  Hum, I'm lost !!!
So you have a transformation which works with xsltproc and not with AXKit.
That's not a good start for me, I don't know AXKit internals. I can't really
make use of the axtrace/log, I don't see any libxslt error I could look
at to get any idea. 
Also this is a 4 stage process, apparently only one is failing, but you don't
provide the XSLT stylesheet, how am I supposed to guess ?
Honnestly there isn't much I can do with those data in this form, now if
you were to extract the stylesheet which is failing in AXKit, explain what
template in it is guilty in the AXKit environment and show more clearly
the difference in the output between what happens with the standalone 
xsltproc and in AXKit, I may be able to make some guesses about what's 
happening. Can you do that bit of preprocessing ?


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