Re: [xslt] xsltproc memory consumption w/ large DTD / docbook

>   I stand firm on this. 
> > a simply well-formed document <x foo="bar"/>
> > can have an XSLT process it under the assumption that "bar" is
> > an entity (defined in the DTD subset)
>   and need to map back to the system ID for that entity hence requiring
> the entity declaration from the DTD. Please recheck the spec, I'm 95%
> sure about this (but there is those 5% ...)

yes, but the entity declaration can be in a DTD subset, and there need
not be a full DTD. do we we agree

 <!DOCTYPE article [
    <!ENTITY foo "bar">

is reasonable XML?

>   No, it will be read for every instance, even if XIncluded. As long
> as the separate chunk references the DocBook DTd (and they do !) 

but those instance documents don't have to have DTD declarations.
if they need entities, they can use the technique above, but
I'd suggest that most people should move away from entities anyway.

If I was working in this scenario, I'd have one wrapper file
for the whole site, XInlcuding all the individual files, which
would simply be well-formed. I'd validate those using a schema.


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