Re: [xslt] xsltParseStylesheetDoc Crash

>   Step 1/ verify that xsltproc works on your files.
>   Step 2/ extract the code subset, and relink it against libxml2/libxslt
>           and check that it works in this context
>   Step 3/ check what's different when linked in your app.
> You may very well not link against correct librairies, or have a
> libxm2/libxslt mismatch or some such. You didn't even bother to report this
> while this is clearly required by the bug page:
>  How much of this did you follow in doing your report ?
> Daniel

This was not a bug report, I never said it was, it was a plea for help. There
is no need to be rash.

I was and am not filing a bug, I am mailing the list asking for help,
because I have never used libxslt before and was/am entirely open to the
possibility that I am doing something wrong in my code. Its just  I had been
debugging it for hours and coming up empty, and everything seemed exactly
right according to everything I read, the pointers are not null, I have checks at
every step and am dumping the file contents, I really have no clue what the
problem could be so I asked for help so see if someone could see some
obvious mistake I made. 

That is why I mailed the list and posted the code, and did not post a bug, because
I highly doubt this is a bug in libxslt I am more likely doing something wrong
somewhere, but I will never be able to figure out what I am doing wrong myself,
I have been looking at this small piece of code for over 8 hours now and going over
all the documentation with no success.

Re your steps:
	- I know xsltproc works on my files, but xsltproc is not parsing from memory so
	I can't be exactly sure it is the same thing.

	- Nor do I think extracting the code will do anything, the function is self contained,
	 it does not interact with any other parts of my program	in any fashion.

	- And I know I am linking to the right libraries, there is only one copy of libxslt and
	libxml on my system.

Anyway, any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty much
just giving up on solving this myself.

Jason Keirstead, BCS

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