Re: [xslt] xsltParseStylesheetDoc Crash

On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 02:38:07PM -0400, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> >   Step 1/ verify that xsltproc works on your files.
> >   Step 2/ extract the code subset, and relink it against libxml2/libxslt
> >           and check that it works in this context
> >   Step 3/ check what's different when linked in your app.
> >
> > You may very well not link against correct librairies, or have a
> > libxm2/libxslt mismatch or some such. You didn't even bother to report this
> > while this is clearly required by the bug page:
> >
> >
> >  How much of this did you follow in doing your report ?
> >
> > Daniel
> This was not a bug report, I never said it was, it was a plea for help. There
> is no need to be rash.

  I did not complain, I asked for informations. And I still don't have
them, I don't know what version of the libs you're using

> I was and am not filing a bug, I am mailing the list asking for help,
> because I have never used libxslt before and was/am entirely open to the
> possibility that I am doing something wrong in my code. Its just  I had been

  it could very well being linkage problems too !

> debugging it for hours and coming up empty, and everything seemed exactly
> right according to everything I read, the pointers are not null, I have checks at
> every step and am dumping the file contents, I really have no clue what the
> problem could be so I asked for help so see if someone could see some
> obvious mistake I made. 
> That is why I mailed the list and posted the code, and did not post a bug, because
> I highly doubt this is a bug in libxslt I am more likely doing something wrong
> somewhere, but I will never be able to figure out what I am doing wrong myself,
> I have been looking at this small piece of code for over 8 hours now and going over
> all the documentation with no success.

  So it's probably somewhere else and that could be version or linking problems
    what are the versions you used ? 
    did you used xml2-config ? and xslt-config ? for the compile and
linking flags.

> Re your steps:
> 	- I know xsltproc works on my files, but xsltproc is not parsing from memory so
> 	I can't be exactly sure it is the same thing.

  the xmlDocPtr that you get MUST be similar. making a separate example
calling xmlParseFile oinstead of parsing the memory could help convince
you where the problem is.

> 	- Nor do I think extracting the code will do anything, the function is self contained,
> 	 it does not interact with any other parts of my program	in any fashion.

  It would have forced you to separate the linking process and make sure
that what you had was pristine, too bad you don't consider my advice useful,

> 	- And I know I am linking to the right libraries, there is only one copy of libxslt and
> 	libxml on my system.

  libxml ??? It should be libxml2 !!! 

> Anyway, any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty much
> just giving up on solving this myself.

  Discarding my suggestion is not the best way to make progresses...


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