[xslt] Re: Support for exslt func:function dropped ?]


I have the same problem as Mr. Tom Moertel. I've created a test-case
which documents the behavior. The test case is 600KB and can be
downloaded at http://www.philmann-dark.de/xslt-bug1.tar.gz
(and yes, I stripped the test to the smallest possible

Just get the file, unpack it (it creates a new directory),
go into xslt-bug1 and run "./run".

It will run two tests. The first one in test.xsl works. It

exsltFuncRegisterFunc: register {my://own.uri}lookup-image-info
Registered module http://exslt.org/functions
xsltCopyOf: select my:lookup-image-info('animation/jei-ani.gif')
Lookup function {my://own.uri}lookup-image-info
found function lookup-image-info

The second test prints the same but when I use the function,
I suddenly get:

Lookup function {my://own.uri}lookup-image-info
xmlXPathCompOpEval: function lookup-image-info not found
XPath error Unregistered function in my:lookup-image-info($path-key)
runtime error: file image-common.xsl line 173 element variable
Evaluating variable info failed
call-template returned: name insert-img

On a related note, global variables sometimes get lost
(ie. I can see that the lookup of them works 20 times
and then xsltproc crashes while trying to look it up
once more).

My guess is that there is a buggy pointer somewhere
(memory overwritten, freed twice, etc). This is why
the simple example works but the complex one fails
and why I couldn't strip the test down further.

I've submitted a bug report in bugzilla (#114812).

Since this a pretty urgent issue for me, I'm willing to help
to track this bug down if anyone can tell me what other
things I should try.

Note that this is not like Bug #114377! In my case,
the function isn't even called!


PS: I've posted this mail to the wrong list, so you
may have seen this already.

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