Re: [xslt] segfaults & limits

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Bernhard Zwischenbrugger wrote:

> For me I found a solution - use XSLT -> no runtime errors.
> But for Daniel it must be very hard...
> Is there no possibility to avoid segfaults in C?
> I don't like C because of the segfaults but aren't there
> automatic checkers that help to find that kind of errors?
> If there is no possibility to avoid segfaults in extension functions
> - is it possible to find the function that makes the segfault,
> collect this information and avoid bad functions?

If a function in the library segfaults you run your program under a debugger
eg., gdb. The downside being that you have to be using a non-stripped library
and or binary to to get meaningful information back.

If your sure it's not a cockpit error, then a backtrace would help identify
your peoblem or project that problem so someone who know's what the trace
means. :-)

> When I try to programm in C I have 5 errors in one line.
> I like libxslt because it is very stable.
> Can I help to keep it stable?


Elfyn McBratney (
Systems Administrator /

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