RE: [xslt] Link error if libxml2 is compiled without HTML support

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003, Jesse Pelton wrote:
> Perfectionist?  Me?  Naaah.  I only expect *other* people's work to be
> perfect ;-)  Isn't that the point of open source?  If I screw up in private,
> no one may ever know; if I flub in public, I hear about it.

  Eh, the only thing I expect perfection from is the temperature of my beer,
and that without regard to wether I drink it privately, or in public :-)

>'s no big deal for me to compile HTML support into libxml2.
> That's what I'm doing, for now, and it can stay that way indefinitely as far
> as I'm concerned.  I don't know enough to have an opinion as to 1) whether
> this is a problem and 2) if so, what the correct solution might be.(I'm only
> using libxslt indirectly, as part of xmlsec.)  While I love an opportunity
> to express a point of view unencumbered by facts, I'll let this one pass.
> Having noticed the issue, I just wanted to raise it, so wiser heads could
> decide what, if anything, to do about it.

  That's okay, I'll check what can be done. It perfectly makes sense to have
libxslt which cannot transform to HTML, if the user doesn't need it. That
makes it scalable, depending on your desired features, you can have the
parser lean as a postit leaf, or fullblown as a zeppelin. As far I have
instructed myself, xmlsec does not use HTML output, for example.
  I just fear many will complain when they, in their enthusiastic wisdom,
make a lean libxml and then drop into depression when they see that libxslt
won't output HTML, the only thing they wanted in the first place.


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