[xslt] empty xmlns attribute

Hi everyone,

I'm using xsltproc to process XML DocBook files and produce xhtml.
Today I've upgraded to the last available versions:

libxml2     -> 2.5.2
libxslt     -> 1.0.25
docbook-xsl -> 1.60.1

xhtml output is not valid (according to xmllint):

foo.html:300: validity error: No declaration for attribute xmlns of element p
   <a href="../">DeepSpace6</a></td></tr></table><p xmlns="" class="icons
xmlns="" is the problem.

In the past, with previous versions of libxslt and libxml2, I got
similar errors but with xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml";
Behaviour has changed somewhere in between 1.0.23->1.0.25 
(or libxml2 2.4.30->2.5.2)

xhtml is produced with Makefile recipe:

.xml.html: db2xhtml.xsl
        $(PROC) -o $@ db2xhtml.xsl $<

where db2xhtml.xsl is a custom stilesheet importing the modular one
and overriding some simple template.

I can provide the relevant files and how to reproduce it.

Simone Piunno

 Simone Piunno -- http://members.ferrara.linux.it/pioppo 
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