Re: [xslt] Support for user defined functions in xsl:key

Jirka Kosek said:
> But there is still one issue unresolved. When I use custom defined
> function in xsl:key and have just one stylesheet everything is OK.
> But
> when the key is defined in an imported stylesheet, I'm getting a
> bunch
> of the following error messages:
> xmlXPathCompOpEval: function group-index bound to undefined prefix i
> Prefix "i" is of course defined. This message disappears when I add
> namespace declaration for this prefix into principal stylesheet
> which is
> importing stylesheet with xsl:key definition.
> Hope that helps. If necessary I can prepare some stylesheets which
> will
> demonstrate this issue.
>                                         Jirka

The problem should now be fixed in CVS (by Daniel).  The original bug
report has further details.


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