Re: [xslt] Selecting on nodeset in variable from stylesheet

On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 03:31:25PM +0100, Pike wrote:
> in practice, i turn every var i need to approach as a treefrag
> into a node-set right away, eg:

 This is a very bad idea, in libxslt this mean *copying* the tree.
I do not suggest this as a good practice, you'd better know what you're
doing instead.

> btw, the saxon interpreter _does_ treat tree fragments as you would 
> expect them,
> which is probably against the specs, and not portable, but more 
> intuitive.

  yes against the spec and unportable, I was expecting this to have
been fixed...

> Microsoft: HOWTO: Read the Fucking Manual

  Well hard to make any irony on Microsoft when you suggest to get
the library not conformant to the standard...


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