Re: R: [xslt] Win32 Crash when reading/writing transformed XML

Camillo Ferraris wrote:
> Thank you so much!
> Just changed the compiler switch to "/MD"...
> Now it works!
> You were very kind.
> Why don't you add this hint in the Win32 "Readme" file?

Heh, Isn't it in the readme allready? I'll add it. I'll also tell you why it 
wasn't there from the start.

The runtime issue, as you see, comes up with the most basic programming 
task. One DLL and a few lines of code is all it takes. Actually, the sole 
fact that there is more than one runtime should raise an instinctive 
suspicion that using more than one might not work in the same process. I 
assumed that everyone allready knows about this, bacause being confronted 
with it right in the beginning is almost unavoidable.

By putting this in the readme, I feel like telling people the water is wet.
And by putting anything in the readme, I feel like using a spotlight to show 
the way to a blind bat. You might have read it, but most won't and that 
makes the readme ineffective. I need a better way.

Perhaps a proprietary packaging software which displays this information and 
forces the user to retype it in order to unpack? :-)

Perhaps a piece of startup code which scans the current process' address 
space for signatures of known runtimes and should it find more than one, 
refuses to run with a system-modal error message? :-)

Perhaps redirecting all inquiries of the sort to new mailing list, say 
xml-crashes-on-windows, a list with a 5 EUR monthly subscription fee? :-)

Hm... perhaps I'll just add it to the readme.


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