[xslt] RE: [xml] small xinclude.c patch

And a small one for libxslt/functions.c




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From: Vakoc, Mark
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 2:39 PM
To: xml@gnome.org
Subject: [xml] small xinclude.c patch


Hi Daniel,


Attached is a patch that allows compiling libxml2 with XInclude but without XPointer support.  I can’t tell if this is really correct but it compiles.   Can you look it over?


Also, it is an option to disable regexps support.  Are there any problems with disabling regexps support?  I remember having problems a long time ago but it compiles fine.  Any advice?  Code size is critical in my application so I have minimized all that I don’t use, which gets the library down to 420k.  FYI here’s my config:


XML processor configuration


              Trio: no

     Thread safety: native

        FTP client: no

       HTTP client: no

    HTML processor: yes

      C14N support: no

   Catalog support: no

   DocBook support: no

     XPath support: yes

  XPointer support: no

  XInclude support: yes

     iconv support: no

  iso8859x support: no

      zlib support: no

  Debugging module: yes

  Memory debugging: yes

    Regexp support: no

XML Schema support: no

   Python bindings: no


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