[xslt] Re: [xml] periods legal in an NMTOKEN

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 05:19:54PM -0500, David Cramer wrote:
> Sigh. I prepared a small test case and xsltproc does fine with NMTOKENs.
> Apparently it's something else--either a bug in our xsl that Saxon
> misses or a bug in xsltproc that our stuff reveals. I'll try to get a
> test case that's small enough to be useful. 
> Any chance there's a hidden --quiet switch on xsltproc? It processes the
> document fine, despite its complaints. 

  Well, the problem is that xsltproc does *not* do validity
checks like the message you seems to report. It loads the DTD
in order to expands entities and defaulted attributes but does
not do checks or report them, so the message seems issued by
your stylesheets actually. Why, I have no idea ...
  Run xsltproc with the -v verbose mode and save the stderr
output on a file, you should be able to spot where the message get
issued and debug your problem.


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