Re: [xslt] [ENHANCEMENT REQUEST] give URI Resolver hooks in Python API access to per-invocation data

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 04:39:32PM -0400, Craeg K Strong wrote:
> 4Suite provides an InputSource class (quite similar to the InputSource
> provided by Java's JAXP implementation) that provides the kind of functionality
> that I seek.  A *very* high level overview is here:

  I don't see there the description for input source, and sorry I won't
go fetch and read the Java documentation...

> The reason I want to be able to plug in an InputSource is this:

  I still don't understand what an InputSource is !

> I want to specify new schemas, such as "URN" and have them get
> resolved by a custom resolver routine that I provide.  The resolver
> routine must *not* simply provide an alternative URL, rather the API
> should return an InputSource.

  It's possible at the C layer, read the xmlIO.h header file !

> that I haven't coded in C in a *very* long time, so I could only provide
> you with a Python version.  It would likely require significant adaptation
> to get the capabilities into the C mainline and then provide Python wrappers.
> Then again, that would probably be a piece of cake for you, no?

  No, I have tons of other things to do. And the capability is already
available at the C level. Read the C interface, tell me if that's
what you need. I don't have the time to be the one learning in this
process, your are the requester, your see what is already available.
If you need a python interface define it, check first that the stuff
in xmlIO.h should be sufficient for it. I may write the glue if it's
not too hard.
  And sorry a resolver is an entity which taking a pair (System, Public)
of identifiers, returns an URI to use, that's the normal usage of the term
so please take also the time to learn the terminology too. Asking for
a resolver hook has this very precise semantic, if it doesn't fit your
needs, maybe you've made me loose time trying to fullfill your initial
query :-(


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