[xslt] xsltproc bugreport (1.0.22/2.4.26) : key() call returns no nodes (DocBook XSL)

Greetings All,

Attached is the complete report including sample files to reproduce the
bug. The XSL code of DocBook seems fine, as does the actual DocBook XML
source (verified with Saxon/Xalan-j)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,


PS: In the main posting, I'll add this request:
  Does an XML to XML translator exist that has the following
    1. Preserves all entities in the body of the XML document
    2. Preserves the DOCTYPE DTD definition and any defined entities
    3. Preserves all elements and attributes
    4. Scrambles the text() of the document
(eg [A-Z] -> X [0-9] -> 0

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