Re: [xslt] Non-existent variable => error?

> Grumpy today Igor?

I am, you got it. You would be too if you were in my skin and found out that
your employer company has made it over the edge of bankrupcy and your
income, as well as the right to use Windows, falls with it. Although... it's
not too bad. As a point of orientation, you'll never see a ':-)' in my
message when the mood is really down :-)

> It did not return NULL, it returned the result document up to the point of
> the error occurring, i.e.

Ehem... okay, my fault, five minus points for me. I appologise herewith and
beg for forgiveness, for my judgement was too harsh :-).

Now, after taking a second glance, what do we do about it? Confirm that
registering a generic error handler is the only way to find out an error has
occured? Or modify the code to discard everything the library has done
before the error occurred and return NULL (speak: patches are welcome :-))?

Which of the two is better is really very environment-dependent. Some will
vote for the first, others for the second. I can't offer a fact-based
preference for either way, unfortunately. What do you guys think?


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