RE: [xslt] crash in libxslt 1.0.9

Ok, I can duplicate it now on my system (using 2.4.16 and 1.0.12), hopefully
you can too :)

Included are two stylesheets and a src document, simply run

xsltproc style.xsl src.doc

In style.xsl you will notice two 'copys' of the same functionality.  If  you
comment out the second instance, it won't crash.  This leads me to believe
that something is freeing the namespace stuff after the first instance,
causing the second instance to use the invalid strings..

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On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 01:38:23PM -0700, Vakoc, Mark wrote:
> I get a crash when running the attached stylesheet.  It is getting pretty

  which is not sufficient since it imports another stylesheet. Also without
the input document one cannot reproduce the run.

> the namespace information (ctxt->nsNr,  ctxt->namespace[0]) that
> gets used in xmlStrEqual contains invalid pointers
> it crashes near the end of the stylesheet (the xsl:apply-templates
> select="exsl:node-set($sadoc)/node()")
  That list is the set of namespace in scope in the node. It's kept as
part of the precompiled information for that stylesheet node. It looks
unlikely to be really a "dangerous" operation, it's done that way in a 
lot of places.

> I have tried to find a simple case that has the same problem to no avail.
> Will post more if I know more, just wanted to see if the stack trace looks
> familiar to a known/resolved issue.

   No but there have been changes in that area in more recent versions.
You should try 2.4.16/1.0.12 and report. If symptom persists I could try
to avoid a couple of optimizations (deferred computations) in that area


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