RE: [xslt] crash in libxslt 1.0.9

>> I get a crash when running the attached stylesheet.  It is getting pretty

>  which is not sufficient since it imports another stylesheet. Also without
> the input document one cannot reproduce the run.

right, the chain of includes contains many extensions and custom uri
handlers that would be difficult to rip-out.  I am still trying to find a
simple case that exhibits the problem.

>   No but there have been changes in that area in more recent versions.
> You should try 2.4.16/1.0.12 and report. If symptom persists I could try
> to avoid a couple of optimizations (deferred computations) in that area

I found another way of doing my stylesheet to avoid it (using document() to
load in another doc rather than using the variable).  Will try to see if the
original stylesheet works on 2.4.16/1.0.12 and let you know.


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