Re: [xslt] Seg fault handling multiple transformations with XML::LibXSLT

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At 03:24 4-03-2002, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   Hum, one of the changes which made into libxslt-1.0.12 is labelled in the
>Changelog as "adding extra run-time informations to make the stylesheet
>really read-only at run-time." It may be worth trying to upgrade to the
>2.4.16/1.0.12 combo before spending too much time chasing this down.

Ah... thanks.  That sounds like a good bet.

The Cygwin packages only go up to 2.4.13/1.0.10, unfortunately.  I was able 
to install 2.4.16 manually, but libxslt complains that libxml2 isn't 
shared.  Everything builds fine up until xsltproc, which bails with a lot 
of undefined reference errors. )-:

>   Ouch, my head hurts ... So basically the test case exhibiting this made
>use of xsl:document to output multiple documents and the order in which
>the document are generated is important to trigger the crash, right ?

Yeah... I think my head hurts worse. (-:

I'll try to get an upgrade in place; if anyone has any suggestions, or an 
already-built Cygwin binary, it would be much appreciated.

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