RE: [xslt] python bindings on windows?

On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Igor  Zlatkovic wrote:

> > Maybe I'll try to install gcc on Windows and see if I can 
> > figure it out.
> > You used MSVC for your port of the C libraries, right?
> > Did you try using gcc, or do you just prefer MSVC?
> It was not the compiler that stopped my Python show, but simply my not
> being familiar with the language and the runtime at all.

I understand.  Forgetting about Python, I was just wondering if you ever
tried gcc to build the C libraries.   I doubt I'd purchase MSVC ;)

> I certainly prefer MSVC on Windows. Not because it generates better
> code, but because: 
> 1. There are things which cannot be made with gcc on Windows. For
> example device drivers.
> 2. Microsoft denies support for any kinds of OS-related problems if I
> used compiler different to MSVC.
> In regard to libxml, both compilers will do the job.


> Ciao
> Igor
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Sam Brauer

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