Re: [xslt] xsl:sort again

Hi all,

Is it possible to define an API that knows how to 
compare unicode or at least simpler subsets of it 
and still maintain the orginal sorting order of 
language used? A possible solution would involve 
converting the each unicode character to simpler 
range within unicode. This would be an expensive 
operation I'm sure. For example
  "très" gets converted to "tres"
But at least it would be possible.

Another more general case is that you allow the 
user/programmer to define a function to be used 
in a "xsl:sort" that takes two nodes and returns  
the results of comparing them ie -1, 0, 1. Though 
this would put alot more work onto the 
user/programmer. And does not sounds like being 
part of the XSLT/EXSLT specifications.


Keith Isdale

Some crazy ideas do actualy

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