Re: [xslt] xsl:sort again

From: "Daniel Veillard" <>
>   Well, there are issues with sorting. That's a recognized fact so 3)
> apply. 2) is a bit scary but if someone is ready to do the work, check
> that Licences are compatibles, that would be a long-term solution (maybe
> checking with XSLT-2.0 that things aren't about to change radically might
> be a good idea too). 1) is a patch in the worse sense of the term, it
> doesn't really solve the problem, just hides it :-\

I've had a look at the XSLT-2.0 spec.
It still handles the xsl:sort "lang" and "case-order" attributes in the same
way, but it has a new "collate" attribute. The "collate" attribute contains
a URI which will specify a specific collation method to select from
different implementation specific methods. If collate is specified, then
lang and case-order are ignored. If the collation URI is not recognised or
supported, then a default method is to be used, although this default method
is currently unspecified.

So assuming that I can find a nice way to use ICU to handle the lang and
case-order sorting, it doesn't appear that putting it in now will harm
anything long term, and may help if people start specifying "use the ICU
collation" in their XSLT2 stylesheets.

As the license is concerned, it is completely open letting anyone use it or
modify it as they see fit as long as the license notice is included with it.

I'll start looking into linking it with libxml / libxslt.


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