Re: [xslt] usign windows filenames as SYSTEM identifiers

Hi all,

Just a few points about the last comment. For 
those familiar with URI's please disreguard this 

Justin wrote:
> use the file scheme. This takes the form :
>   file:///<file specifier>
> Usually file specifier retains standard URI 
characteristics of using /
> character as a directory separator, rather than 
the DOS \ character. IIRC=
>  the
> triple / is because the initial // sequence 
means that you can traverse t=
> he
> following data as hierarchial (ie stripping off 
a / component moves you '=
> up'
> the hierarchy), and this would usually be 
followed by a location specifie=
> r to
> give the position of the hierarchy - this is 
usually a hostname, and file=
> s
> are local so don't have one. Thus to access a 
file in the working directo=
> ry
> called foo.xsl you would access (probably) :
>   file:///foo.xsl
> To access C:\foo.xsl you would use (probably) :
>   file:///C:/foo.xsl

Yes you can get away with this name, though not a 
safe solution. You need to provide escaped URI's 
to libxml/libxslt commands. The upcoming release 
of xsldbg it trying to  be leanant in this 
reguard and do the escaping for you.

Common escapes codes are
  ":"   = %3A
  " "   = %20

Escape codes are a "%" followed by the 
hexadecimal value

for a definition of ascii codes in hexadecimal

The example 
does not work. I understand this is because an 
absolute path or a opaque path should be 
provided, not a path relative to the current 
directory of some process. 

Refer to
 for a defintion of URI's

Hope this helps.


Keith Isdale

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