[xslt] Entity resolution fails in a DTD


I try to use the N. Walsh's jrefentry DTD to build my references.
However, it fails at these lines:

<!ENTITY % docbook PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD XML DocBook V4.1.2//EN"


Even if in one of the SGML_CATALOG_FILES catalog the XML DocBook DTD
public ID is defined, xsltproc fails with the following message:

xsltproc --catalogs --nonet ../xsl/jrefhtml.xsl
../references/reference.xml > reference.html
Attempt to load network entity
../references/dtd/jrefentry/1.0/jrefentry.dtd:30: warning: PEReference:
ommon.attrib; not found

It seems that xsltproc doesn't try to resolve the public ID. What's
wrong? What can I do without patching the DTD?


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