[xslt] Variable setting with libxslt, possible API features, and, update of xsldbg

Hi all,

At this point I've mentioned my thoughts on the 
break point API for basic break point setting. It 
would be good to be also be able to change 
variables when running a debugger session. I 
think it's a bit tricky, so I ask for suggestions 
on what could be used to achieve changing 
variables. An algorith would be great but some 
hints would be good. Otherwise its difficult to 
define that API interface if there is no clear 
method of achieving this. :-(

I also think it worthing considering if the 
libxslt library would support "watching" 
variable, and setting conditions on the "break 
points". The first I think is outside the scope 
of the libxslt library. The latter , I'm not 
I've now removed the patched library from the my 
web site. And posted updates to xslbg 0.5 
The files are


The major changes to the libxml patch are that 
debugXML.c has now got
   long xmlGetLineNo(xmlNodePtr node) 

The major changes to the libxslt patch are in
  breakpoint.c where a "breakpoint number" is 
used whereever possible to simplify usage and get 
better efficiencies.
int xslAddBreakPoint(xmlChar *fileName, int 
int xslDeleteBreakPoint(int breakPointNumber)
xslFindBreakPoint(xmlChar *fileName, int 
xslEnableBreakPoint(int breakPointNumber, int 
xslLookupBreakPoint(int breakPointNumber )
xslIsBreakPointNode(xmlNodePtr node)
xslIsBreakPoint(xmlChar *fileName, int lineNumber)

Call stack methods should be changed to follow 
the same style of parameters and have a method 
that returns the "callStack" object.


Keith Isdale

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