[xslt] Re: Request for comments on :Request for break point API suggestions

Hi all,

I'm at University an I've seen that the diff's 
didn't appear in my last post the "proper" way :-
( . 
When I can I'll put the files my web site. 

If Daniel has no objections I'll look at making 
these files visible as links on my web page. Is 
this Ok Daniel?

I'm starting to think that I shouldn't have be 
supplying the "patched libraries" so they will be 
need to be deleted. This is to remove any doubts 
the "patched libraries" caused.

These are irrelivant in breakpoint.h
    struct _xslBreakPoint
    typedef xslBreakPointPtr 
    typedef xslBreakPoint

There are some errors in breakpoint.c/breakpoint.h
     struct _xslCallPoint{
       xmlDocPtr source;
      xmlChar *name;

 should be 
    struct _xslCallPoint{
      xmlNodePtr source;
      xmlChar *name;

 this effects 
   void xslAddCall( xmlDocPtr source, xmlChar 
   int xslGetCall(int depth,  xmlDocPtr *source, 
	xmlChar **name);

 which should have been 
   void xslAddCall( xmlNodePtr source, xmlChar 
   int xslGetCall(int depth,  xmlNodePtr *source, 
	xmlChar **name);

 This should allow access to the "line number" 
for the template call. 

 xsldbg is also affected by these changes :-( 



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