Re: [xslt] libxslt won't compile under cygwin

Le 13/09/01 03:53:41, Justin Fletcher a écrit :
> >       * Calling localtime() has the side-effect of setting timezone.
> >       * After we know the timezone, we can adjust for it
> >       */
> > -    lmt = gmt - timezone;
> > +    lmt = gmt - _timezone;
> ISTR that timezone was discussed recently on this list.
> Certainly calling localtime() under RISC OS has no effect on the global
> timezone, and attempting to reference it provokes an undefined symbol
> error at link time.

Does libexslt/date.c compiles and does the platform have the time()
function? If not, what happens if you replace the call to time() with calls
to gettimeofday()?

libexslt/date.c doesn't use the timezone variable (thanks to Charlie
Bozeman for the trick). If it works (try using date:date-time() in a
stylesheet, it should return the current date/time, it returns an empty
string if the platform isn't supported), then xsltFunctionLocalTime could
use the same workaround.


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