Re: [xslt] Win32/MSVC project update for libxslt

On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 12:36:33PM +0200, Igor  Zlatkovic wrote:
> Hello All.
> Here are the files I promised. The contents of the ZIP file goes in
> win32/dsp subdirectory, overwriting whatever happens to be in the way.

  Updated and commited

> This update does:
> - Includes saxon.c into the libexslt build
> - updates the libxslt.def file.

  it found no change  w.r.t. the patch sent earlier today. The dsp have
been updated in the CVs base.

> The problem with the line ends in the .def files was due to my not
> knowing that CVS treats more than win32/*.dsp as binary. Of course, if
> the file is in CRLF format and Daniel updates it with my patch manually,
> his emacs (or whatever) only saves those lines he edited as LF and
> leaves the rest as CRLF. The same happens when I edit the file. My
> editor does the same, just that it uses CRLF for the lines I modify.
> Naturally, we end up with a file messed up down to the iron :-). Spare
> my nose.

  Well libxslt.def was not handled as binary in CVS (all other files there
were), I swicthed to binary handling for this file too. 
  Just sent ZIP updates for this subtree, I don't think any of the other
people with commit rights want to deal with them anyway :-)

  thanks again,
  thanks also to Gary Pennigton for maintaining a Solaris port, both
are now directly linked from the links section of the web pages.


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