Re: [xslt] SAXON extension functions

Le 2001.10.07 19:36, Daniel Veillard a écrit :
>   Well I get regression tests errors on older extensions too.
> object-type.1.xml
> 8c8
> <     external;                    
> ---
> >     string;                    
>       MEMORY ALLOCATED : 421, MAX was 34161

If you get "string", it means LibXSLT is using the functions provided by
Darren Graves. I might have forgotten to remove them from extra.[ch] in CVS

> has-same-node.1.xml
> 10c10
> <     OK;        
> ---
> >     ;        

This is "normal", it has always been there AFAIK, because the stylesheet's
comparing namespace nodes, and LibXSLT doesn't have "copies" of namespace
nodes attached to each element node. Instead, 2 element nodes share the
same namespace node, which isn't XSLT 1.0 compliant.
I leaved the error here to point at this "bug".


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