Re: [xslt] Relase of xsldbg-0.7.9, : release of xsldbg-0.8.1

Hi ,

Daniel wrote, 
>   Hum, I don't remember removing anything. I applied 
your last patch that's 
> all...
Ok I'm not sure how it happened I did a diff on my 
working checkout of libxslt using cvs.

>   I think this just won't work with most compiler 
chains. When module A and
> module B are in the same library, most linkers resolve 
statically references
> from A to B when generating the library, shared or 
not. This construct is
> doomed to fail on most platform/compiler chains 
whether the libraries are
> shared or not.
That's bad!  I'm look forward to seeing how the call 
back registration is done. And will conform to use of 
callbacks as soon as possible.

> It's the wrong approach to the problem. Using the 
linker to put in place an
> overtride mechanism was just plain wrong. I should 
have been more careful
> I really expected the breakpoint code to be the 
actual implementation not
> dummies references to functions possibly 
implemented by other modules.
It wasn't planned this way I thought the breakpoint API 
was to stay in libxslt. But that lead to a dead end ... 



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