Re: [xslt] Bug in exclude-result-prefixes?

On Sat, Jul 07, 2001 at 08:32:18PM -0400, Liam Quin wrote:
> Norm Walsh used exclude-result-prefixes so as to be able to
> include DocBook-formatted documentation in the stylesheet,inside
> termplates; the documentation is not to appear in the output.

  Looking at common/common.xsl:

exclude-result-prefixes="doc" is on the stylesheet
However the elements are childs of xsl:stylesheet and hence are excluded
independantly of this.

> The idea is that all elements with an excluded prefix are deleted
> from the output truee (or never written into it, I suppose, although
> that is not necessarily equivalent when variabels and copy-of are used).

  Okay, actually what I do is that I simply remove elements from the
excluded namespaces from the stylesheet being processed, including their
children subtree if any. Maybe this is too strong but I have a hard time
trying to figure out precisely what is meant from reading the spec. This
looks fine when I consider how Norm used it.

  More concrete example of actual use or behaviour of other processors
would be welcome.


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