Re: [xslt] regexp extension?

On Mon, Dec 03, 2001 at 08:52:47AM +0100, Morus Walter wrote:
> Bruce R Miller writes:
> > Daniel Veillard wrote:
> > > I have a strong bias toward POSIX regexps
> > 
> > I kinda figured you would, and it's more keeping with 
> > standard-ness (although I'm partial to perl-style, myself).
> > 
> There is a free implementation of perl compatible regular expressions
> at
> So if you want the full power of perl re, you might also look at that
> one.

  It has an advertizing clause

Though 4/ would allow to use it under the LGPL terms.
But if someone decides to use the IPR licence of libxslt (remember libxslt is
dual licenced) then the advertizing clause would apply.

The key point is that I want to maintain:
  - ease of installation of libxslt, libxml2 must remain the only
    required library
  - if extra capabilities are required past the POSIX standard, then
    those must be optional, and available under compatible licences.

But in general I want to keep them to a minimum.


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