Re: [xslt] regexp extension?

En réponse à Daniel Veillard <>:
>   Very clearly, I would prefer not to depend on another library being
> installed. POSIX regexps are there, anything else requires installing
> another library, I won't add this at least not in the default setup.

EXSLT is changing to use XML Schema regexp syntax, which is not totally POSIX.
Jeni Tennisson explains the differences from the JavaScript regexps, and most 
of them also apply to POSIX (JavaScript regexps are a superset of POSIX ones), 
in <>

RX-XML, from Hackerlab, <> is under GPL and 
implements Unicode-aware XML Schema regexps. Exactly what we need, isn't it?

I think we should detect if the RX-XML lib and compile the regexp libexslt 
module depending on its installation state:
  If not installed Then
     do not try to compile with it
     If disableByTheUser Then
        do not compile with it
        compile the regexp module
     End If
  End If

Eventually, we may propose POSIX regexps if RX-XML is not available but this 
won't be EXSLT-compliant so we loose the benefits of EXSLT: be portable among 
EXSLT-compliant processors.


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