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I'm so happy to hear that you'll be able to spend time on libxml2 this year, Nick. Thank you and thanks to Google.

Although I'm relieved, the potential loss of maintainers from the project was alarming. Perhaps another goal to consider for the year is to expand the pool of contributors and maintainers. I (and others, I assume) am interested in volunteering more time so that the burden isn't carried by you alone, and so that if in the future you're unable to secure funding the user community will be able to sustain that loss.

Thanks again, and please think about what work volunteers can pick up to get more involved.

On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 9:20 AM Nick Wellnhofer via xml <xml gnome org> wrote:

Thanks to a donation from Google, I'm able to resume maintenance of libxml2
(and libxslt) for the remainder of 2022.

My immediate plans are:

- Make a bug fix release fixing many regressions.
- Establish a new release schedule, possibly with multiple branches being
- Move releases from the old FTP server to GNOME's Gitlab infrastructure.
- Move documentation to GNOME infrastructure.
- Set up an official way to sponsor libxml2 maintainers.

In the future I'll focus less on security improvements and more on typical
maintenance duties like bug fixes and modernizing the code base in a few ways.

Thanks (again) to Google for making this possible.

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