Re: [xml] Schema validation skipping IDC

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022 1:25:41 PM CET, Nick Wellnhofer wrote:
I'm always reluctant to add new features, especially if it sounds like it only solves a problem for a single user. Do you want to disable checking of identity constraints for performance reasons or is there another use case?

They are indeed based on performance reasons, where the syntax validation is extremely fast and powerful (even single threaded, as expected), but IDC is (for the size of our documents) costly. For the validation and implementation of our standard the IDC validation is 'too soon' for most of the parties implementing it. Especially when the syntax validation fails, it does not make sense to continue in the second stage.

Like Eric pointed out; to support this use case now it requires two schema's one with and one without. Since our schema consists of 384 individual xsd's that is less trivial to search and replace on the fly.

From a software perspective I would love to have the option of a single
schema, where just the IDC functionality can be disabled, or even "per type" could be disabled. Even if the IDC performance would be fixed, I don't see it fixed in a way it would be considered a no-op.


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