Re: [xml] Resuming maintenance

12 Jan 2022, 10:24 by xml gnome org:
Personally, I think the main problem is funding. The pool of competent programmers willing to spend months 
of their time to work on a rather outdated code base implementing mostly legacy technology for free is tiny 
or even non-existent. It's really the large corporations who could make a difference by sponsoring OSS 
maintenance directly. I'm sure you can find people like me who would work on OSS at a discount, but not 
without any monetary compensation.

It's refreshing to have someone speak so honestly about the economics of open source development and the 
reality that, no, one just cannot fork the source code and rewrite it to do what they want.

As a money guy (as opposed to a programming guy), I've thought for years about how to crowdfund open source 
projects. I have an idea that, at least mathematically, works. But I don't have nearly enough knowledge about 
software and digital infrastructure to know whether it's feasible to implement or what would be involved.

If anyone's interested, I'm happy to talk about it off list. Waiting for corporate charity to help doesn't 
seem like a workable long-term solution.

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