Re: [xml] Release of libxml2 2.9.11

Salut Daniel,

Daniel Veillard via xml schrieb am 13.05.21 um 15:54:
  Pffff, I am way way behind, but now that CVE-2021-3541 is out I just pushed
that long awaited release. libxml2 2.9.11 is tagged in git and a signed
tarball is available at the usual place:

I fail to build libxslt 1.1.34 against it. The "configure" script of
libxslt has this line:

if test "x$LIBXML_LIBS" = "x" && ${XML_CONFIG} --libs print > /dev/null 2>&1

which, I guess, is incorrect and shouldn't have the "print". However, it
seems that in previous versions of libxml2, the xml2-config script printed
the libs and then failed, whereas in 2.9.11/12 it does *not* print the libs
any more and fails immediately. This breaks the "configure" script of
libxslt, which then reports that it could not find libxml2 anywhere.

I guess the work-around is to set "LIBXML_LIBS" externally to the result of
"xml2-config --libs" until there is a fix in libxslt. But maybe libxml2
could just go back to being nice towards the faults of libxslt?


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