Re: [xml] about xmlReadMemory()

On 03/03/2021 09:30, nicolas bats wrote:
Hi Nick,
I've experimented with xmlReadIO and it's cool.
this message just to check I'm doing right:
-I register an xmlInputReadCallback of type: size_t myCallback(void* context, char* buffer, int length) -I do my stuff in the callback and if data I use exceed the length of the buffer, I realloc it.
Is this schema good?
Do I need to set size_t as the return type of myCallback?

No, the read callback is supposed to fill the buffer with up to 'length' bytes. Try something like:

typedef struct {
    const char *ptr;
    size_t remaining;
} myContext;

static int
myReadCallback(void *vcontext, char *buffer, int len) {
    myContext *context = vcontext;

    if (context->remaining < len)
        len = context->remaining;
    memcpy(buffer, context->ptr, len);
    context->ptr += len;
    context->remaining -= len;

    return len;

myReadMemory(const char *buffer, size_t size, const char *URL,
             const char *encoding, int options) {
    myContext context;

    context.ptr = buffer;
    context.remaining = size;

    return xmlReadIO(myReadCallback, NULL, &context, URL, encoding, options);

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