[xml] xmllint for GitHub Actions

Hi all,

Those of you using GitHub will have heard of GitHub Actions [1], which allow your pushes or pull requests to initiate a pretty wide variety of workflows.

I played with Actions a bit after listening to several talks at Virtual 2020 [2] yesterday, and since my main interest is in TEI / XML modelling/infrastructures, I immediately hit the wall when trying to setup post-push XML validation -- because the virtual Ubuntu environment provided by GitHub lacks xmllint.

Going around that is relatively trivial even if silly, resource-wise (you basically need to get libxml2-utils reinstalled with each script application), but it looks like even that does not always succeed. I have now commented in a closed "wontfix" ticket [3] that refused to provide xmllint as part of the virtual setup, asking for reconsideration, and thought of giving a heads-up to this list, in case someone felt interested in adding their weight there. Maybe someone can come up with better arguments than I did, in case you also find yourself tied to GitHub despite its recent changes in the management/ownership.

It seems to me that part of the game concerns the place of XML technology in the awareness of the decision-makers at GitHub -- after one Virtual2020 talk, I enrolled, out of curiosity, in the beta programme of Codespaces (web-based IDEs integrated with GitHub), where I was asked to tick the language(s) that I would be interested to use with Codespaces. Among the various standard and exotic suggestions, I wasn't able to find XSLT. Maybe that shouldn't even be very surprising, but combined with the xmllint issue, it made me wish to remind the powers-that-be that not everything yet is made of JSON. So I'm sharing this sentiment with the list, in case someone feels similarly about this and envisions using xmllint in their Actions. Feel welcome to either post in [3] or create a new issue referencing it (re-opening was not an option, sadly, but maybe one of the maintainers will, seeing the traffic).



[1] https://github.com/features/actions
[2] https://githubsatellite.com/
[3] https://github.com/actions/virtual-environments/issues/423

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