Re: [xml] Memory leak problem

On Tue, 2019-11-26 at 22:48 -0700, Eric Eberhard wrote:
Thank you much.  I am on AIX (IBM). 

OK. Check the man page for malloc
    man 3 malloc
and see if there are environment variables to check each allocation.

Years ago (1980s) i ended up writing wrappers around malloc and free
that took an extra string argument to identify the object, so i could
count and see which objects were leaking!

I really appreciate your giving me those function names -- I will
Google them and see if they work on AIX.
If not, maybe you could simulate 10,000 documents and see what happens?

AIX has "dbx" as the debugger .. being old I am not good at it and
tend to use debug code rather than depend on the dbx.  I don't even
know how to ask dbx to tell me what my memory usage is.
I don't know if it can.

I will report back to the group when done and solved.  

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving,

Thanks! (that was in October here :D but happy US Thanksgiving to you)


Liam Quin,
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