[xml] Release of libxml2 2.9.8

  It's awfully late but it's out, I tagged it in git and pushed signed
tarball and rpms to the usual place:


 at least it got a one month testing on my machines, no issues so far,
I hope this will be a good release for everybody, mostly bug fixes and
improvements with a pinch of portability fixes:

- python: remove single use of _PyVerify_fd (Patrick Welche)
- Build more test executables on Windows/MSVC (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Stop including ansidecl.h (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix libz and liblzma detection (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Revert "Compile testapi with -Wno-unused-function" (Nick Wellnhofer)

Bug Fixes:
- Fix xmlParserEntityCheck (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Halt parser in case of encoding error (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Clear entity content in case of errors (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Change calls to xmlCharEncInput to set flush false when not final call. Having flush incorrectly set to 
true causes errors for ICU. (Joel Hockey)
- Fix buffer over-read in xmlParseNCNameComplex (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix ICU library filenames on Windows/MSVC (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix xmlXPathIsNaN broken by recent commit (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix -Wenum-compare warnings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix callback signature in testapi.c (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix unused parameter warning without ICU (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix IO callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix misc callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix list callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix hash callback signatures (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Refactor name and type signature for xmlNop (Vlad Tsyrklevich)
- Fixed ICU to set flush correctly and provide pivot buffer. (Joel Hockey)
- Skip EBCDIC tests if EBCDIC isn't supported (Nick Wellnhofer)

- Disable pointer-overflow UBSan checks under Travis (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Improve handling of context input_id (Daniel Veillard)
- Add resource file to Windows DLL (ccpaging)
- Run Travis tests with -Werror (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Build with "-Wall -Wextra" (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix -Wtautological-pointer-compare warnings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Remove unused AC_CHECKs (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Update information about contributing (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Fix -Wmisleading-indentation warnings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Don't touch CFLAGS in configure.ac (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Ignore function pointer cast warnings (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Simplify XPath NaN, inf and -0 handling (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Introduce xmlPosixStrdup and update xmlMemStrdup (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Add test for ICU flush and pivot buffer (Nick Wellnhofer)
- Compile testapi with -Wno-unused-function (Nick Wellnhofer)

  Thanks everybody for your help to build that release, obviously Nick
did most of the work, so special thanks to him !



Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Developers Tools http://developer.redhat.com/
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
http://veillard.com/ | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/

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