Re: [xml] Entering freeze for release of libxml2-2.9.9

Nick Wellnhofer schrieb am 19.12.18 um 17:02:
On 30/11/2018 11:41, Nikolai Weibull via xml wrote:
OK, now I understand why it was working in my copy of the repository and
not yours.  Something went wrong when you applied the patch, Daniel, as a
line was elided.  Here’s a fix.  We want to include XML_RELAXNG_TEXT here
as well, otherwise it won’t work. The second part of the patch below was
just to reorder the types to be listed in alphabetical order, so you may
certainly skip that.

Stefan, can you confirm that Nikolai's patch fixes the lxml issue?

Sorry for the silence, I wasn't aware that I had to do something. Problem
is, the patch that Nikolai sent doesn't apply for me.

Nikolai, could you create a patch against the latest master that makes
relaxng.c the way you think it should be? (Or should have been in the first
place?) Please attach it rather than pasting it into a mail, to make sure
it passes without whitespace issues.



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