Re: [xml] Extract title from html file

On Fri, 2018-08-10 at 02:46 +0100, James Read via xml wrote:
I have a bunch of html files on disk and want to open them and
extract the contents of the title tag using libxml2. 

By this do you mean the title element in the head?

You can use XPath on an XML document to extract /html/head/title but
you may need to use the HTML reader, as most HTML files are not well-
formed XML syntactically. You can experiment first with xmllint --xpath 
/html/head/title foo.xml and see what happens.

If "a bunch" means tens of thousands of HTML files and you do this
often, consider a tree store such as dbxml or (much easier to get
started with i think) BaseX, so that there's an element index (or
btree) and retrieval might be orders of magnitude faster.


Liam Quin,
Web slave for vintage clipart
Available for XML/Document/Information Architecture/
XSL/XQuery/Web/Text Processing/A11Y work & consulting.

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