Re: [xml] character conversion


On 2017-03-29 20:47, Eric S. Eberhard wrote:
How much of this do you need to do -- e.g. does it need to be super
efficient or just crop up?

I need to produce output in CP 850. Efficiency not important.

 Your XML node starts as UTF-8 I believe
and not optional.

I "think" that the only difference has to do with CR/LF issues ...

No, all the non-ASCII chars (including 1-31) are different.

The answer is -- there is no built-in to do what you want.

Actually, I am pretty sure now the problem is that xmlFindCharEncodingHandler() is buggy.

 But you will probably have to decide these things and do it
... and share it with us!

Yes, I will call libiconv directly instead of through libxml2.


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