Re: [xml] [patch] Wrong cast to "xmlHashDeallocator" for "xmlSchemaBucketFree"

On 10/07/2017 21:58, doodad-js Admin wrote:
When compiled with Emscripten, another function gets called instead of “xmlSchemaBucketFree”, leading to a bug. That’s because Emscripten has a function table per function signature. See file attachment for the patch.

libxml2 has unsafe casts to xmlHashDeallocator all over the place, so I'm wondering why you're only reporting this single example. My guess is that

   xmlHashFree(hash, (xmlHashDeallocator) xmlFree);

works with Emscripten because `xmlFree` is actually a function pointer. But there are quite a few places where functions with different signatures are cast to `xmlHashDeallocator` directly. I think this should be solved in a more systematic way.

Can you open a bug on


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