Re: [xml] Removing libc allocation and string function wrappers

On 18.12.2017 03:24, Michael McConville wrote:
Hi guys.

Hopefully this doesn't sound presumptuous coming from an outsider, but I think
you could benefit from removing some or all of your wrappers for libc functions
like malloc. Modern platforms offer many tools for tracing and debugging
allocations, which seems to be the motivation for the wrappers. The semantics
of these wrappers seem to be identical to the POSIX semantics, so replacement
would be easy.

well there are not only POSIX systems out there: on Windows, it's
possible to have multiple different malloc/free implementations and
therefore heaps in the same process, and care needs to be taken to
ensure that the objects allocated by a particular malloc() are passed to
the corresponding free() and not to a different one.

one way to do that is to export free_* wrapper functions from your DLL
so the client never calls free directly; all the allocation and
deallocation calls of types provided in the library are done in the DLL
itself through wrapper functions, which are guaranteed to work on the
same heap.

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