[xml] xmllint validation error


I'm trying to validate an xml file following the XML schema described here https://github.com/GeoscienceAustralia/GeodesyML/tree/master/schemas

As a first step I'm using the examples provided with the schemas here: https://github.com/GeoscienceAustralia/GeodesyML/tree/master/examples

With xmllint I'm getting an error message : 

[linux~]> xmllint --schema GeodesyML/schemas/geodesyML.xsd MOBS.xml --noout        
GeodesyML/schemas/lineage.xsd:550: element complexType: Schemas parser error : complex type 'ReferenceFrameSourceType': The content model is not determinist.
WXS schema GeodesyML/schemas/geodesyML.xsd failed to compile

the XML schema is also  provided with a tool based on xerces-j to validate the examples, and with this it's successful.

I'm wondering if it's a bug, a limitation of libxml or more probably I'm simply missing something ?

Thanks by advance for any information,


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