[xml] libxml2 - Windows + Windows CE



I need to render SVG images on Windows CE HMI and the application should compile too for Windows 32.

From now I successfully build :

·         cairo + freetype for Windows CE with Visual Studio 2008 IDE.

·         cairo + freetype for Windows 32 with Visual Studio 2008 IDE.


Next I took a look to librsvg but I think there are too much dependencies, in other word too much work and incertitude.


Then I found libsvg in the release folder of cairo, for me it make more sens.

However I cannot use the Visual C++ Embedded project solution as it is too old to be loaded in VS2008 nor 2005.

I tried to load the Visual Studio 2010 solution Win32 but it does not build. I’m getting too much error :

1.       mlmemory.h(67): error C2143: syntax error : missing ')' (XMLCALL not defined)

2.       xmlmemory.h(106): error C2059: syntax error : ';'   (xmlMallocFunc not defined)

3.       xmlmemory.h(166): error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'LIBXML_ATTR_ALLOC_SIZE'

4.       xmlerror.h(882): error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'LIBXML_ATTR_FORMAT'


6.       parser.h(784): fatal error C1003: error count exceeds 100; stopping compilation


Usually I’m able to convert a Win32 solution to a Windows CE solution manually but now neither of those are working. I’m stuck.


I read on ReadMe.txt and, maybe I could use your script to build for Win32 but what can I do for Windows CE ? The option in the script are “msvc”. This will not target the ARM compiler L.


Maybe can you help me with that ? I tried to understand the configuration header files required for Win32 but it is difficult as many of them are altered/produced by your script (if I well understand).


If only I could know what header configuration file and what it should contain and then having a list of .h/.c necessary. I could then create and build the solution to VS2008 Win32. After what I will convert/port it to VS 2008 Windows CE.


Best regards,


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