[xml] Trouble with xmlParseFile on windows



I have an issue with xmlParseFile on windows. I use the some code on Linux and it is OK.

The ocde looks that way


doc = xmlParseFile(szXSDFileName);

if(doc == NULL) {

  printf("Can not load XSD file!\n");

  return -1;



Then I try to parse recursively starting from the root node, (i.e. calling the following method with xmlDocGetRootElement(doc))


void ParseElements(xmlNode *node)


  xmlNode *cur_node = NULL;



for (cur_node = node; cur_node; cur_node = cur_node->next, i++) {




With displays I see that neither ‘doc’ or ‘node’ are not null, but ‘node->next’ is null (at the first level of recursivity…)

I suppose there is something wrong with the file on Windows... Yet, the file name is escaped with ‘\\’ and exists on FS…


Any help would be appreciated!





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