[xml] 2.9.3 exhibits strange behaviour when given external entity files

Hi all,

I wanted to discuss this on the ML because I am not sure if this is a
bug only on my distribution (openSUSE) or if this really comes from

I have this file "dummy.xml":
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE example PUBLIC "example" "http://example.org"; [
<!ENTITY % myentities SYSTEM "entities.ent"> %myentities;

and an entities file, "entities.ent":
<!ENTITY entity "entity">

Then I run
$ xmllint dummy.xml

For some reason, xmllint now throws away "%myentities;". I also
noticed that it does not seem to care about the name of the entity file
referenced in the XML. If I try to reference &entity; from
the XML, xmllint will complain about a missing definition.

What do you say?



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